What is Public Education?

In Public schools of Saskatchewan we promise to form citizens who share and drive Canada’s openness, diversity and values. The vitality and attractiveness of public school education can be summarized by these characteristics;


We embrace our mandate to open our schools to every child, no matter where they live. Our schools are open to all race, religion, economic circumstance, political outlook, intellect and physical ability.


Children of every description and interest are educated together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Knowledge is gained by achieving an understanding of the diverse cultures, customs and beliefs within the school and community.


Every adult is entitled and responsible to participate in the government of public school education. Saskatchewan public school trustees are your neighbours, friends and colleagues. Inclusion in our governance reflects inclusion in the classroom.


We promise an intellectually welcoming environment that celebrates diversity of ethnicity, culture, thought and vision. We are joined by a central purpose – the sharing and deepening of knowledge and opportunity for the betterment of our communities, Canada and the world. We graduate well-rounded individuals with high potential for success and leadership.