Overview of the Public Catholic Mandate Issue

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Overriding the Charter an Affront

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The Myth of School Choice

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The Importance of Public Education.

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A Response to the Perrin’s Report

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Students are treated as individuals where safety and security are valued.

Leading Educators

Our welcoming environment attracts nationally recognized teachers and outstanding staff from a variety of backgrounds.

Regina Public Schools Shared Values Program Recipients for 2014-15.

This year’s recipients are (note these are job positions held at time of nomination):

  • Delaine Anderson, Guidance Counsellor, Sheldon Williams Collegiate
  • Marlene Hinz, Arts Education Specialist, Jack MacKenzie School
  • Angela Hutton, Vice-Principal, Rosemont Community School
  • Amy Lawson, Grade Two Teacher, George Ferguson School
  • Charlene McNeill, Special Education Assistant, Imperial Community School
  • Christina Shordee, School Counsellor, Regina Public Schools Division Office (Posthumous Award – her widower and son appear in centre of picture)
  • Rick Steciuk, Principal, Thom Collegiate
  • Kathy Szarkowicz, Structured Learning Classroom Assistant, Walker School
  • Cathy Wall, Communications Assistant, Regina Public Schools Division Office

Our Shared Success

Literacy at LPSD

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Striving to Create a Representative Workforce!


Through the diversity of our employees, the flexibility of our facilities, and our adaptive technologies, we provide a great breadth and variety of programming.

Our goal is to provide an enriched experience for our students through expanding the diversity of our workforce.
We want our students to see themselves reflected in the adults who work with them.


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September News from across Horizon

Students across Horizon SD participate in our School Reporter Program each month by submitting stories and photos from their schools.

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